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714 days ago

Hey all, please help me promote Hero–if a person doesn’t know about it, s/he’s not going to play!  Follow Hero on twitter and hear about life as a hamster.  Also ‘like’ on Facebook so your friends know about this great … Continue reading

5 star reviews!!!


714 days ago

Hero the Hamster has released to iPhone/iPad and android to 5-star ratings and raving reviews.  Get it and be happy.

About dogfish apps, LLC

      Hello, World!  dogfish apps, LLC is a one-man operation by Dane Schad (that’s me).  My whole life I’ve enjoyed video games, board games, and puzzles.  In the summer of 2010 I acquired a hamster to keep me company while I studied for the Missouri bar exam (I passed).

      Then one day the idea for Hero the Hamster popped into my head, and I immediately set to work designing levels in my spare time.  Eventually I decided that I’d rather spend my days making cool games and puzzles than practice law, so I taught myself how to program and created Hero the Hamster.  I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

       I like a game that leaves me with fond memories long after I’ve finished it.  Creating excellent memories for you is my goal with every game that I make.  Whether you have homework, chores, or a bored meeting, take a break and play a level of Hero the Hamster.

      I have big plans for dogfish apps, as well as for Hero.  If you like Hero, be sure to tell your friends about it.  Thanks for your support-this is going to be fun!



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